new technologies in veterinary medicine
Smart Collar
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The advantage of our  product  is in the accuracy of its reading as in the speed of providing the desired data. The performed  measurements are painless. A variety  of  data  may  be obtained  by  experts  in  veterinary clinics or by the owners of the animal for  personal  use in  prev-entive purposes.
We employ experts with knowledge of RFID, NFC, BT, communication technologies. If you are interested, please contact us here.
strokovnjaka s poznavanjem RFID, NFC, BT komunikacijske tehnologije. V kolikor imate potrebna znanja in vas sodelovanje zanima, nas kontaktirajte tu
The described implementation would greatly change the attitude towards animals and their care. While speaking of measuring internal body temperature in animals, we cannot ignore the process. For human use, there is quite a wide variety of devices available which come in different qualities and in different methods of use. A humane use of “readers” in animals is limited and usually human temperature meters are used. However, a tool that would read the health status of domestic animals does not exist. The procedure currently being carried out by veterinarians, veterinary clinics or other persons is anal measurement by using a classical thermometer which causes certain discomforts in animals. The biggest problem in such reading is the accuracy of the acquired data,which
often results in complications in treating health issues.

Smart collar is irreplaceable for the importance of health prevention in animals. The advantages of the unit are preventive health care, determination and diagnosis based on the measured temperature, preventive assessment of the health status in the early stage of the disease, and of course, supervision of the current welfare of the animal, which allows the owner to review the animal’s health status at any given time.
The main advantage of the mini reader in the collar is that it is possible to attach an additional mini module for remote communication with a mobile phone. With an increased body temperature, the module in the collar would automatically transmit a signal by sending a text message. In the same way, it is possible to generate all other relevant data or information.
The advantage of the mini reader in the collar is also in the possibility of it being attached to another mini module for remote communication with a mobile phone. At an increased body temperature, the modules in the collar automatically send a text message to the owner’s mobile phone.
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